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Mouse Genomics Resource Laboratory

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National Institute of Genetics
Biological resource to clarify the relationship between genomic sequences and biological functions systematically

Accept collaborative research

It is now an important subject to understand what kind of genetic basis causes various traits. In mice, the National Institute of Genetics has established a wild-type strain and has shown its usefulness. This series of wild strains and their related strains, called the Mishima battery, has contributed greatly to the studies of various traits. A list of Mishima batteries is shown below.

Strain Origin Subspecies group
PGN2/Ms Canada domesticus
BFM/2Ms France domesticus
NJL/Ms Denmark musculus
BLG2/Ms Bulgaria musculus
HMI/Ms Taiwan castaneus
CHD/Ms China musculus
KJR/Ms Korea musculus
SWN/Ms Korea musculus
MSM/Ms Japan musculus
JF1/Ms Japan (Fancy mouse strain) musculus

At the National Institute of Genetics, which is an inter-university research institute for joint use by universities, the Mouse Genomics Resource Laboratory (MGRL) supports research using Mishima batteries as joint research in response to requests from universities and research institutes. Furthermore, we have generated and maintained wild-derived heterogeneous stocks, which is highly useful for high-precision genetic analysis. We support various phenotypes centered on behavioral traits as well as molecular genetic research using excellent research equipment in the laboratory.

Of course, it is possible to purchase the animals of wild strains to introduce into your laboratory, but you can apply to the joint research at NIG in the case you feel difficulties for introducing and breeding wild strains. If you would like, please apply to the following contact information.

In addition, of the mouse strains that we maintain, we are subdividing some of the strains that we maintain by mating. Please contact us for other systems. We are also proceeding with genome editing using Mishima Battery. Please contact us if you are interested in modifying a specific gene in the wild strain.

Laboratory staff
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Keiko Takanami
Yuji Imai
Motoko Nihei
Akiko Murofushi