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Price List

  • The prices displayed in your shopping cart does not include the cost of the container (3) and shipping fees (6).
  • The cost of the container (3) and the shipping fees (6) will vary depending on the items you have ordered. You will be notified the total amount via email upon the completion of your request.
  • These prices includes consumption tax.
Item No. Fees and Charges Academic Amount (JPY)
(1) Basic Fee ¥1,575
(2) Live Handling fees per mouse ¥9,555
(3) Container cost(per container)
* Depending on number of mice, lines and gender
(4) Frozen Frozen Embryo 1 (prepared from purchased mice)
Fees per 80 frozen embryos
(5) Frozen embryo 2
Fees per 80 frozen embryos
(6) Shipping fees Actual cost
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